Scavenger Hunts

Want more points? Try our scavenger hunts! The answer to each question will be a Secret Code you can enter into your Summer Reading Challenge account. If you answer correctly, you'll be awarded 5 points. An incorrect answer will get an "invalid entry" message. Capitalization does not matter on the codes, but multiple words will need a space in between. Be sure to check your spelling!

San Jose History & Art Scavenger Hunt

Get out and explore historical San Jose! Visit each site described and look for a plaque or text description to answer the questions below:

  1. Site: Honeybee Plaque located at the San Jose International Airport - 1661 Airport Blvd, San Jose - outside Terminal C, Door #10 (the main entrance nearest to the Northwest Airlines ticket desk).
    Question: According to the plaque, how many beehives were brought to California in 1853?
  2. Site: Plumed Serpent sculpture by Robert Graham located in the Plaza de Cesar Chavez.
    Question: According to the inscription, what planet is associated with the plumed serpent, Quetzalcoatl?
  3. Site: First Broadcasting Station Plaque located at 50 West San Fernando St., San Jose near the entrance to the Knight-Ridder Building on the southwest corner of West San Fernando and South First Streets.
    Question: According to the plaque, what is the last name of the man who established the first radio broadcasting station in 1909?
  4. Site: Carnegie History Window photograph located in the front window of the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library (4th St. side).
    Question: According to the text with the photo, when was San Jose's first Carnegie library torn down?
  5. Site: Chinatown History Window photograph located along the Paseo de San Antonio walkway in front of the Fairmont Hotel.
    Question: According to the text with the photo, in what year did San Jose's first Chinese community begin living here?
  6. Site: "Man on Fire: Dr. Ernesto Galarza" sculpture by Kim Yasuda located along the Paseo de San Antonio walkway between Market and 1st Streets.
    Question: At the cast bronze chair at the head of the table is a poem by Dr. Galarza. What is the final word of the poem?
  7. Site: Muwekma Ohlone Tribute sculpture by Peter Schriffrin with Todd Andrews located along Park Avenue as it crosses the Guadalupe River Park.
    Question: According to the inscription with the sculpture, what small bird is mentioned in the story?
  8. Site: Performing Arts plaza in front of the Center for Performing Arts.
    Question: According to the dedication plaque, when did Maestro Cleve begin conducting the San jose Symphony?
  9. Site: California Bear sculpture located in the main plaza for the Center for Performing Arts.
    Question: According to the inscription, what is the last name of the artist who sculpted the bear?
  10. Site: "The Way to San Jose" exhibit inside the Diridon Train Station.
    Question: According to the exhibit, what was the name of the aviation field "selected as the city's first municipal airport in 1929"?

Honeybee plaque

Plumed Serpent

First Broadcasting Station plaque

Carnegie History Window

Chinatown History Window

Man on Fire sculpture

Ohlone Tribute sculpture

Performing Arts Plaza

California Bear sculpture

The Way to San Jose exhibit in Diridon Station


eResources Scavenger Hunt

Most of these answers can be found by exploring our eLearning & Articles or our eBooks & eMedia pages. A login with your library card may be required for some resources:

  1. On Zinio, what is the title of the first Spanish language magazine? (it is two words)
  2. On Enki, what is the label on the fifth tab of featured titles that show book cover previews?
  3. On Biblioboard, what city is featured in the title of the first book shown under the "Indie California" curation?
  4. What is San Jose Public Library's handle on Instagram?
  5. On, you can translate the text of our website into different languages using Google Translate. What is the 2nd to last language featured in the menu?
  6. On PowerKnowledge Physical Science, play the "Isaac's Apples" game. According to the instructions at the start of the game, what year was Isaac Newton's Three Laws of Motion published?
  7. On Global Road Warrior, find the Country Travel Guides. What country is listed right before Mongolia?
  8. On MyHeritage Library Edition, from what year are the most recent U.S. Census records available?
  9. On Rock's Back Pages, find the "Magazine Archive". In the description at the top of the Magazine Archive request form, what is the title of the last magazine mentioned?
  10. On OverDrive's main page, what is the 3rd book title featured in the "Pulitzer Prize 2017" spotlight?